A fashion designer who left behind the digital creation to enter the world of canvas, Tatiana Rajzman is a visual artist with a great passion for paints. Inspired by the Suprematist movement and abstract elements, the artist creates geometric compositions that invite the public to disconnect from reality and access their subconscious, releasing their emotions and creating new meanings for each new piece.

Her creation process is empiric. The artist seeks in experimentation, inspiration for her paintings. Her canvases have as trademarks the contrast between black and white and precise lines.

Telescope, a composition of geometric shapes that create a confetti sky reveals the artist’s essence. Currently, Tatiana’s technique includes acrylic on canvas and ink pen.


“The world is her (Rajzman’s) playground and is abstractly represented in all her work. (…) The play on color and divvying up of shapes give a confetti-like appearance to her pieces, making each one a riveting, inquisitive surprise.”

Brandon Harripersaud (Dolce Magazine/ Winter Issue 2017)